Tuesday, August 4

Be Not Too Basic: Color Pop to Brighten Your Midweek!

Let us predict your make up kit if you’re a basic girl. You have some form of concealer. You have your pink, red or any shade of lipstick, close to that palette, to flatter your complexion. You have eyeliner, mascara, a curler, some blush on one or two shades, and powder. Some eyeshadow perhaps with a few colors you are confident would complement you. Neutral, pretty, neutral, pretty, those are the keywords. What you haven’t done to take your beauty purse a notch more fun is collect your own spectrum of colors for that fun pop in your look once in a while! Lady, if you don’t think this is necessary, then you must be too neutral or too basic. Any beauty blog would agree that experimenting on bright colors in makeup is recommended to brighten your mood because you do deserve a fab day.

Play with Different Cosmetics Picks

Who says you can’t have the whole ROYGIBV in your make up kit? No, it’s not really about you having a certain type of complexion or personality. Life is too short to limit yourself to cosmetics possibilities. Of course, you don’t put these colors all at once unless you want to be a 90’s cartoon Jem. Here is what you are going to do: try wearing one color pop in one makeup look.

Play with different cosmetic picks on different days. For example, on Wednesday you can wear a lip rouge that’s more popping than your usual lip color, yet subtle enough to compliment you. On Friday have some twist on your eyes like putting an Illamasqua Once Vintage Metallix eyeshadow to flatter. Midweek stress definitely doesn’t exist! Anytime you feel your energy is waning, just get the right color pop on some parts of your beauty regimen. A twist of color, a little glitter, who cares? It can even be your everyday thing as it totally depends on you.

And when you say fun colors, we say electric! How about actually trying some cobalt blue or green or some toned-down purple? If you just try to look and experiment on these, you’ll see that they suit you after all. It can be the Stila Smudge Stick Cobalt as your eyeliner and the rest you can wear as usual; try pairing this popping yet still subtle eyeliner with lipstick color that goes for more saturation, like pale pink. Take a look at British babe Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s look for you to know what we mean: https://www.discoverbeauty.co.uk/xfactorfever/ Hot and fresh right? What’s better is that the look can suit whether you’re 18 or 40, all you have to do is pick the right combination of shades to go along.

Dress codes, schemes-codes. The secret to wearing bright colors in the professional environment is to use one (or two) beauty regimen at a time. And if your lifestyle permits and you can pull it off, then let your whole look be electric. Select colors that fit the whole palette you aim for that rockstar look. Pretty indeed!

A Different Look can Brighten Your Mood

Studies suggest that colors can produce natural reactions to a person. Color can boost the mood, and certain colors may even hint at certain types of outlook. For example, blue suggests calmness or red suggests energy. As for making up, specific colors can be associated with certain looks. For example, the cobalt smudge stick earlier mentioned is reminiscent of a rock star or a sexy celebrity like Cheryl Fernandez Versini. Female rock stars are empowered girls right? A popping red pout reminds the old Hollywood glamour. Some greens and some golds can take you to a whimsical fairy place in the most subtle way. True it is that a twist in your look’s color can make a dull day your own way of fabulous! Ready any good beauty blog and it would suggest that bright color is a must in your beauty collection.

For more guides and good finds on bright pretty colored cosmetics, you can read more tutorials on the web. Things to check would be the whole look you want, your personal features, the cosmetics to have, and customizing the look to suit your day. The Discover Beauty is one beauty blog with good finds when it comes to cosmetics picks (bookmark this site!). Read also about the author Karen, who’s been in the industry for years and who features tutorials once in a while.