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Sports & Recreation

Perks of Playing Golf in Thailand!

Sports & Recreation

Golf is one of the most popular games worldwide. This game is usually played on a large outdoor course. Golf is always taken as a game often played by the elite group of society. The object of the players in this game is to propel a small hard ball into a series of ‘holes’ in as few strokes as possible. Every golfer needs to use the right equipment for their body types and physical condition, including golf clubs that perfectly suit their needs. With the growing passion of people towards this game, the number of golf clubs is increasing every year. In 2005, it was estimated that there were around 32,000 golf courses in the world, offering many opportunities to participate. Well, every golf club in Thailand varies based on the purpose it serves.

Ø Choosing the right club

As a beginner golfer, people are usually excited to get their golf gear and be on the course as early as possible to master the game. One common mistake that is usually made by the newbie golfers is that they choose the golf clubs that don’t suit their swing speed. If the club doesn’t match the ability to swing, it can have a negative effect on the game. These days, manufacturers also specialize in creating golf clubs for women who have softer shafts. These clubs hence are light in weight and more flexible. Factors that one should consider in choosing the right golf club in Thailand shops include the shaft, grip thickness, the clubhead, the iron, and the loft, etc.

Ø Health benefits of Golf

Golf is really good for health, especially for the heart. On average, while playing this game a person walks five to seven kilometers in the course. Walking 18 holes, three to five times a week is the optimum amount of exercise for the heart. In case a person pulls the club with him, the calories burned with each round are even more. This keeps the heart going and blood pumping.

According to Micheal Joe, an instructor in a Golf Club in Thailand, playing golf offers countless health benefits to the players than one can ever imagine. It is perfect for all those who have trouble in concentrating. Golfers need to learn how to focus on the shot and concentrate on the fundamentals of the swing. Playing golf is quite helpful for a person in learning how to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

Another benefit of taking this game as a crucial part of life is socialization. Golf is quite a competitive game and most of the golfers want to win. However, this kind of competition is very healthy and takes place in a very social and friendly environment. This wonderful game provides an opportunity for the participants to talk to each other and discuss their life’s issues while thinking about their next shot. It serves as a great way of removing the cobwebs of life and giving yourself a break from the monotonous daily regime.

Golf is a friendly game that gives a chance to the players to enjoy themselves with each other while competing to win. Isn’t it great? A true paragon of sportsman spirit!

The Health Benefits of Bike Riding

Sports & Recreation

One Charles Hillman conducted a study back in 2007 and the study revealed that regular exercise helps to enhance the power of the brain as well as helps to stave off Alzheimer’s in the elderly. That’s just one of the many health benefits that can make you visit that bike shop Sydney market has today. There are a hundred more benefits and this article takes a look at just some of them.

bike shop Sydney

Helps you to keep fit

This one is obvious. Riding a bike is instrumental in helping people to add a fitness activity into their day, even if they only have minimal time in their hands for a workout. One health expert, in fact, says that the cardiovascular benefits that one receives from cycling are similar to these that one gains by aerobic exercises like walking, jogging etc.

You get to boost your muscles

The way biking operates, the hips and the butt are the parts of the body that are put to exercise. The ripple effect of this is that the muscles around these places get to be strengthened. If you are cycling over steep slopes and have to climb hills, then your upper body and arms will stay strengthened as well from the paddling. Additionally, your cartilage gets preserved given that cycling is gentle on the joints. If you suffer from foot, muscle strain, back pains among other related problems that mainly result from other forms of exercises such as jogging, then you should give bike riding a chance. Visit a bike shop Sydney Alexandria has, for options. is a great place to start.

It helps you to lose weight

For people looking to lose weight, exercise programs almost always leave them with problems in their joints because of their heavy weight. Activities such as biking as well as swimming offer a safer alternative that’s painless. Therefore, when you incorporate a daily routine biking, then you will be on your way to losing the most kilos in a short time span. The waistline for starters gets significantly reduced what many women have to deal with in midlife.

Get the right fit

It’s very important that you get your bicycle adjusted at a bike shop Sydney based when you are looking forward to making a purchase. Walking into a cycling store Sydney Alexandria has today, and buying a bike simply because the color is catchy is such a wrong move that will be regrettable in the future. The reason is most of wrong fits have problems with them. For example, when you get a bike that is a tad big, then you may suffer from back pains or neck problems. The seat height also needs to be appropriate as a seat that’s too low leads to knee cap pain. When it’s too high also, your knee gets aggravated.

Still you need to stay safe as the number of bicycle-related injuries in the past have been worrying. A cycling shop Sydney Alexandria has today will have all that you need. For more information, just visit us at HTTPS://WWW.TWOMONKEYSCYCLING.COM.AU/